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Tips and Tricks for using MetalsmithFx

Promotional Messages

You can put promotional messages on all your Quote documents as well as any Tracking emails that go out. Promotional messages are a good way to advertise a new product, an exceptional service or some other feature of your company. You can have an unlimited number of...

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Cloning an Order

Often times it might be desirable to duplicate an existing Quote or Order to save time and effort when you are quoting the same or similar items from a previous one. This is the purpose of the Clone function. Steps to clone an existing Quote or Order: Find and select...

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Using the Shipment Tracking feature

When a shipment goes out, your customer would probably like to be able track it via the carrier’s tracking number, MsFx can send an email with the tracking information directly to your customer with an embedded link that will take them directly to the...

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