A web-based system to manage all aspects of your stainless steel business. Whether a distributor or a broker, 1 person or 100, MetalsmithFx can bring organization to your workflow and streamline the sales, purchasing and inventory process.

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A full-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning system to mange the Sales, Procurement, Distribution, Customer Services, and Accounting of your business in one easy to use, easy to learn package. Developed in consultation with a leader in the stainless distribution industry, MetalsmithFx has been proven to be reliable and effective for over 10 years. Suitable for small to medium sized shops. Contact us for more details.

Core Features

Sales & Shipping

At the heart of sales is the need to adapt to the customer’s needs. Pull from stock or from 3rd party vendors. Use Imperial or Metric measurements. Choose the currency to sell or purchase in. All documents can be emailed, faxed or mailed directly to the customer/vendor. This module is highly configurable to allow you to select options that work best for your way of doing business.

Purchasing, Receiving & Inventory

Purchase for stock, 3rd party products or services. Receive into inventory or move 3rd party products directly into the corresponding Job Order and generate an Invoice. Inventory on-hand, reserved for sales, back ordered, or on order amounts can be seen at a glance. All movement into and out of inventory is tracked.


MetalsmithFx is highly customizable for your company’s business process. There are over 125 different customizations available to the administrator, from information to put on sales documents to making specific form fields mandatory. Also, MetalsmithFx allows for assigning user permissions ranging from viewing certain modules to running specific reports.


There are currently 48 canned reports that provide a window into your company’s activity and performance. Ranging from Daily Sales Reporting to Current Inventory Value, Metalsmith can put the information you need at your fingertips.

Customer & Vendor Management

Management of your customers properly can be a key asset to a business. Quickly see a customer’s sales over time, keep track of the history of interactions, even generate a mailing list in MailChimp™. Graphical see purchases from any vendor over time.


Metalsmith integrates with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online™ accounting system. Customers, Terms, General Ledger Accounts are automatically synced with QuickBooks daily. Invoices and Journal Entries are posted to the appropriate accounts. Movement into and out of inventory are uploaded.


Per user, per month. No contract required.

1 - 3 users


4 - 6 users


7 - 10 users


11 - 20 users



Cost Effective

You can run MetalsmithFx on your existing computing systems. No additional hardware or software needs to be purchased. We manage the servers so you can focus on your business. As we enhance MetalsmithFx, updates are delivered to your browser seamlessly.


For as little as $90 per month, we make it possible for the smallest shop to afford to use MetalsmithFx. There are no contracts. You can go month-to-month or get a substantial discount for a yearly subscription.

Easy To Use

The beauty of MetalsmithFx is that you can train a new salesperson in a short period of time. Our customers have remarked that MetalsmithFx is the easiest to use product of its kind in the industry.

We Support You

We know how important it is that every step of the process goes smoothly. It is your livelihood as well as ours. We pride ourselves in making sure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Automated Backups

We backup the MetalsmithFx database and other MetalsmithFx-related files nightly to a secure, off-site storage facility. These backups are kept indefinitely for your peace of mind.


Safety and Reliability

MetalsmithFx runs on Amazon™’s award winning Cloud Computing platform, AWS™ (Amazon Web Services) and EC2™ (Elastic Compute Cloud). Amazon’s cloud service has been available since 2006 and is used by most of the Fortune 500 companies.


From real users

“It’s amazing how efficiently MetalSmithFx manages our business. From document control to inventory control, from accounting to purchasing, from sales to receiving, there isn’t an aspect of our business it doesn’t integrate and streamline. It is predictive and historic. It is convenient and dependable. It is ready when and where I am, and it couldn’t be more user friendly. I really love it. It has to be the state-of-the-art program in our industry.”

Joseph Gibbons

President, Great Plains Stainless

“MetalsmithFx is operating great. It’s the only reason we’ve been able to get the financial reports back on track. Particularly, the cost of sales report and the inventory report have reduced reconciliation time for the accounting department.”

Ron Patrick


Special Piping Materials has used MetalsmithFx for the past 7 years and its has been crucial in our success. Its ability to provide bulletproof inventory management of all our piping & piping components, to its awesome modern interface. It is an all around great system that allows us to focus on the more important things instead of having to deal with inventory management & order processing issues. Mike Robinson and his team offer great support and are constantly improving and modernizing to keep up with the worlds innovations in technology. I highly recommend this system!

Daniel Composto

Director of US Operations, Special Piping Materials

“MetalSmithFx is 21st century, intuitive and cross platform. It’s well defined interface does not depend on F-keys nor other outmoded means of input. It is well supported and it is a pleasure to use.”

Shane Morgan

President, Morgan Steel Company

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